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staff_foto%20(9)Our General Manager, Paul Tonetti, first started in mission in 1995 when he went to work for the Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church. …………….. ….. ….. ….. …. SEE FULL STORY BELOW….. ………


















GBUMC2Our General Manager, Paul Tonetti, first started in mission in 1995 when he went to work for the Gulf Breeze United Methodist Church. During that time. Paul was overseeing the creating of an audio and visual department within the church. Paul later continued his missionary work while he was serving onboard a Mercy Ship from 1997 to 2006. When Paul left the ship in 2006, his home church blessed him into missions full time in Guatemala. Paul has been in Guatemala now since 2006 His first trip to Guatemala in 1997 was with Mercy Ships, an international hospital ship ministry. While Paul was in Guatemala, God touched his heart to return to Guatemala one day. Then in 1999 Paul traveled to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala, where he met Pastor Clara Vela, the then owner of Shofar Stereo 92.3 (pictured below) Throughout the years Paul shofar-radio2.2partnered with the pastor to bring in new equipment from the United States, and then in 2006 Paul made a permanent move to Guatemala. In 2007 Paul took over operation of Shofar Stereo 95.1 as General Manager and in 2009 was able to upgrade the license to a full powered radio station at which time became known as Shofar FM 103.3 – Also in 2009, Paul was able to help a local AM radio owner convert their station from a secular radio into a Christian radio. Radio Amatique, a radio of more than 40 years was converted into a Christian radio and renamed Conexion Radio 900AM. Also in 2010, Paul Continued to manage the radio as well as starting a new ministry called, “Ministerios Casa Verde” In 2010 the radio partners decided they did not want ministry mixed with radio, so In July 2010 Paul gave birth to a new radio, and put in place a leadership that would guarantee it to always be a ministry. The radio is called Radio FeLove (Faith and Love) and has joined forces with Ministerios Casa Verde to continue the mission work that blesses hundreds of people in Guatemala every year. In December of 2010, Paul married his wife, a life long missionary from Honduras, Hilda Vaughn. Then in 2011, Paul Joined forces with Radio Te Amo in Honduras to not only spread the word of God, but to educate the people about HIV and other types of diseases as well as school programs over the radio for those who can not afford to go to school. In 2012 the ministry spread into the field of electronic messages, installing LCD screens around the city market in order to evangelize using electronic media. In 2015 we started our fourth online radio.


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