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We have provided you two options below for giving!

By Donating, you are Directly Helping Serve the Poor in Guatemala & Taking the Message of Jesus Christ to Those Who Have Not Heard.

Option 1:

To send your donation to support the ministry and projects of Radio FeLove using your credit or  debit card click the donate button above. It only  takes less then a minute to complete your donation and change lives. You will receive an instant receipt by e-mail.

Option 1a:

We sponsor many children to go to school as well as young adults to get a high school diploma.  School is free in our part of Guatemala, so please consider a gift of $30  per month  to sponsor  a child’s education. If you want to sponsor a child the school year runs mid January to the end of October.  If you are sponsoring a child it is very important to write that in the notes section when donating or the money will be deposited in the general fund

NOTE:  Radio Felove and Ministerios Casa Verde are one in the same. Our legal name is Shofar Ministries and the paypal name is Paul Tonetti –  If you see any other name involved in your transaction, click canel and notify us immediately.  ( We will contact each person donatig to verify we have received the funds. )

NOTE: 3% + $4 of donations on PayPal will be Bank Fees

Option 2:

International Funds can be deposited directly into our Guatemalan bank ( BanRural  )

“Shofar Ministries – Radio Fe Love”  : GT49 BRRL 0101 0000 0032 2703 6499

Local Funds Deposit: “Shofar Ministries” 

Banco Industrial Acct# 054-004191-3

BanRural Acct#  322-7036499

Because the ministry is located in Guatemala we can not offer you a tax receipt in the USA at this time. We are working on this for future donations. Please know that your support is making a difference in the ministry; Thank you!  We can however offer Facturas in Guatemala for tax purposes.

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